Hello World!

Hello folks,

It’s been a while we’re working really hard to release first version of Herogi. Here we’re, finally Herogi is out there, ready to test 🙂

What’s Herogi?

Without going deeper and technical, we can call it as cloud based complex event processing tool(CEP). Basically you can create event pipelines to run customized realtime actions in your application easily. With these events and actions you can build several solutions including transactional messaging, marketing automations, monitoring and etc.

We’ll have more discussion about CEP and how it can help your business to grow in further blog posts but for the sake of shorter hello world post, let’s leave it for now.

Who are we?

We’re a team of engineers and entrepreneurs who really loves cracking hard problems. We have wide range of experiences including big data, scalable services, marketing automations, payment systems and fraud.

What’s next?

We’ll have more posts about CEP, marketing, growth and potential scenarios / use cases you can utilise Herogi to achieve. Meanwhile you can go and test Herogi and give us feedback.

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