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UseInsider, a prominent Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, is recognized for its robust features and capabilities. However, potential users should be prepared for its position as one of the higher-priced solutions in the market. Unveiling the pricing details might prove challenging, as they prefer a personalized approach, tailoring packages based on individual client needs. This review aims to shed light on the cost aspects associated with UseInsider’s CDP platform, highlighting key considerations for prospective users.

Pricing Structure

UseInsider adopts a customized pricing model, engaging in negotiations to determine the most suitable features for each client. Pricing can vary significantly based on the inclusion of specific functionalities, leading to a tailored package that aligns with the unique requirements of the business.

Base Offering: For a clientele with 100,000 monthly users, the starting point for UseInsider’s basic offerings begins at $4,800 per month. It is crucial to note that this figure excludes taxes and may cover only fundamental CDP functionalities along with web push capabilities. Users should be aware that this base offering might not encompass advanced features, necessitating additional investments for a more comprehensive suite.

Additional Features

Should users desire additional features like Architect, InStory, or the Mail Platform, the monthly cost escalates accordingly. This modular approach allows businesses to select and pay for functionalities that directly address their needs. As a result, the overall cost can increase based on the chosen feature set.

Scalability: UseInsider’s pricing structure takes into account user traffic, with incremental cost adjustments for every 25,000 additional users. As businesses grow, they should be prepared for a proportional increase in costs to accommodate the expanding user base.

Support and Implementation

While basic support is included in the standard package, users requiring more extensive assistance, such as implementation support, integration services, and other premium support activities, may need to opt for the premium service package. It’s noteworthy that the standard package provides only up to 1 hour of support per month, making the premium package a necessity for those seeking a more hands-on approach.


In conclusion, UseInsider positions itself as a high-end CDP solution, emphasizing a personalized pricing strategy tailored to individual client needs. The platform offers a range of features, but users should be mindful of the potential cost implications associated with additional functionalities and scalability. Considering the investment required, businesses must weigh the benefits against their specific requirements to determine if UseInsider’s CDP platform aligns with their strategic goals.

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Disclaimer: It’s essential to note that the information provided here is based on available data found online. However, the dynamic nature of the software industry means that prices can change, and variations might occur. Prospective users are strongly encouraged to visit UseInsider’s official website or contact their sales representatives for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

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