Enhance WooCommerce Marketing: Herogi’s Real-Time Engagement Solution

Herogi Woocommerce

We are thrilled to announce that Herogi, your trusted customer engagement solution, is now fully integrated with WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce platform. This integration empowers eCommerce brands to take their customer engagement to a whole new level, leading to increased conversions and revenue like never before. 🌟 Real-time Customer Engagement With Herogi’s WooCommerce integration, you […]

Best SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing is the practice of sending marketing messages to customers by text message. SMS marketing makes it easy to communicate directly with customers and send out newsletters, time-sensitive offers, updates, alerts, special deals or announcements, etc. with just a few clicks. It is an effective way to build long-lasting connections with your customers. (You […]

Learn Power of Complex Event Processing with Herogi for Small Businesses

Complex Event Processing

Herogi is a game-changing complex event processing (CEP) solution that brings the power of real-time event analysis and automation to small businesses without the need for extensive technical resources or a large marketing team. Let’s explore how Herogi simplifies CEP for small businesses while providing them with the benefits of real-time event processing: Complex event […]

7 Essential Tools Every Marketer Should Know and Utilize for Growth

Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry, and it is constantly changing. As demand for digital marketing increases, it’s getting harder for marketers to find enough time to manage each channel properly. If you are a digital marketer looking to boost your marketing strategies and automate repetitive tasks to save time, you will want to know […]

Herogi Beta Release: What’s New?

Product Update

A bit late updates here. We’re super excited to share bunch of new product features with you. 2022 was big in the sense that we invested a lot of effort to come up with our beta release. Well that paid off very well now Herogi became all-in one digital marketing solution suite for your brand. […]

Personalization Examples via Freemarker

Customer Engagement Personalization

Personalization is a critical component of customer engagement, and it can be achieved through the use of powerful tools like Freemarker. As a customer engagement platform, Herogi provides access to Freemarker for generating custom dynamic action parameters. Freemarker is a powerful template language that allows the use of assignments, conditional blocks, string and arithmetic operations, […]

5 Top Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re starting out with email marketing, here are the fundamental things you need to do for your email marketing campaigns to be successful. Here is the 5 Top tips for successful email marketing campaigns. Get your audience’s permission: Yes, it’s hard and slow to create an email list from scratch, but you should never […]

What is Email Marketing? Example campaigns types and more…

Email Service provider

Did you know that in 2023 it is expected that the number of email users is set to hit 4.37 billion worldwide? This represents more than half of the global population. With the internet becoming more accessible, the number of emails sent and received globally has increased every year since 2017 – in 2021, there […]

Using CDP to Personalize Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to marketing, personalization becomes even more critical to get ahead in meeting the needs of customers. Customer behavior changed a lot in recent years, and they are becoming more demanding of brands by the day.

Best Practices for Emailing

Best Practices for Emailing Email is a vital communication tool for businesses and individuals alike, but it can also be a source of frustration and confusion. To help you make the most of this powerful tool, here are some best practices for using email: 1.Keep it brief: People are bombarded with emails every day, so […]