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Boost User Engagement with the 5 Mobile Push Notification Services in 2023

We do almost everything with our mobile phones; we listen to music, reply to e-mails, watch movies, taking photos, socialize, communicate with our family and friends, reading, shopping etc. Most of the times the first thing what we do when we wake-up is, just checking our phones. Mobile phones have become a very important and indispensable part of our daily lives. (As we mentioned one of our earliest posts; in 2023, including both smart and feature phones, the current number of mobile phone users is 7.33 billion, which makes 91.40% of people in the world cell phone owners – this is huge).If any business or app developer wants to stay at the forefront of user’s minds, it is essential to usemobile push notifications.

What is Mobile Push Notification?

Mobile (app) push notifications are clickable pop-up messages sent by an application to a user’s mobile device. They can be sent to customers who have installed your mobile app and opted-in to receive messages. Mobile push notifications let users know about key events or actions they can take. They mostly used for delivering product updates, personalized offers, reminder messages about an event, breaking news updates, a pending payment, etc.

If you send the right message, at the right time; using mobile push notifications is a very effective way of keeping app users engaged. You can achieve this by using a mobile push notification service.

Here are our 5 mobile push notification service suggestions:

1- OneSignal: OneSignal is one of the best mobile push notification providers on the market and it is also free. It’s used by a lot of big companies, such as Uber, Adobe, Skyscanner and Volkswagen. According to their website, “mobile push notifications are the top driver of app re-engagement, and OneSignal is the #1 SDK (software development kit) used by app developers. 1 in 5 apps now picks OneSignal to drive conversions and loyalty.”

OneSignal features include:

  • Segmenting users by country, language, activity, etc.,
  • Personalized push notifications based on the topic of their notifications, the content they read, the reason they subscribed in the first place, their place at the user journey, etc.,
  • A simple visual process builder for automating messaging and guiding users,
  • Intelligent delivery which helps increasing CTR by sending messages when the user is most likely to use the app.

OneSignal can be used not only for mobile push notifications, but also web push notifications, in-app notifications, and email notifications. 

2- Wonderpush: WonderPush is one of the prominent push notification providers which can be used both for mobile push and web push. It is very fast, GDPR compliant and full-featured starting €1/month. WonderPush is global and used by famous publishers in the fields of media, ecommerce, sports, and games.

Wonderpush features include:

  • Up and running within minutes and easy to use – It is very simple to integrate with an iOS or Android app – you can start sending push notifications easily and quickly.
  • It is GDPR compliant. They don’t share your data with third parties.
  • It is faster than their competitors. 350K messages sent per second – your users don’t wait, and your message arrives in real time on their screens.
  • Segmentation is also possible – based on user data you can choose from pre-configured segments or create your own segments.

3- Airship: Airship is a platform for customer engagement (CEP), lifecycle marketing, analytics, and data solutions – which also offers excellent push notification service. It is the oldest and one of the most popular services for sending push notifications.

Airship key features include localization, personalization, segmentation, automation, speed – boost, open-source SDK, and interactive notifications.

Airship is the only app experience platform that can reliably deliver billions of push notifications in real-time from a centralized platform. It gives marketers the tools to build hyper-personalized messages -and create highly contextual experiences that build trust and loyalty – at every lifecycle stage.

4- Pushbots: Pushbots is a push notification provider that works for the web-push, in-app messaging, and mobile push.

Since Pushbots counts subscribers not notifications, you can notify your subscribers as often as you want. To ensure notifications get delivered at the best time, Pushbot gives you the optimal time to send out notifications to your users using AI.

Pushbots helps you better understand your user base by giving you an overview of your app users’ geographical distribution: where in the world your users come from, what languages they speak and whether they are using the latest update.  

5- Pushwoosh: Pushwoosh is the top mobile-inspired customer engagement platform which also offers push notifications for mobile devices and web browsers.

This mobile push notification provider helps you send personalized, multimedia-rich notifications – you can use images, GIFs, videos, and other forms of media in your push notifications. 

With Pushwoosh, you can segment your audience into groups based on user attributes, notification preferences, and real-time behavior. You can also create personalized messaging campaigns by inserting this user information into notifications – that will increase your push notification CTRs.

You can also use Pushwoosh “customer journey builder” to set communication sequences engaging customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

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