5 Best Web Push Notification Providers

As a digital marketer or a business owner, when it comes to digital marketing, one of the things we all aim is: boosting user engagement. What if we tell you that there is an easy and effective marketing channel for boosting user engagement and motivating your customers to come back? With this powerful marketing channel, you can reach your audiences and customers directly – even if they aren’t active. Plus, its’ open rate is higher than either SMS or email.

Yes, we are talking about web push notifications…

What Are Website Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are notifications that can be sent to a user via desktop web or mobile web. These are small message alerts that are displayed on a visitor’s desktop, tablet, or mobile device when they have their web browser open – whether the user is on the website. (For more information about web push notifications, you can check our article on the subject).

Web Push Notification Platforms

All web push notification platforms let you trigger push campaigns based on set conditions. They provide you with a platform to create, schedule, and deliver messages to your online audiences.

Using the right web push notification service can get your customers’ attention and keep them coming back. Here are our top 5 web push notification platform suggestions:

1- PushEngage: PushEngage is one of the best, most trusted and user-friendly push notification services. According to their website, more than 10,000 business owners use PushEngage to send over 15 billion targeted push messages each month.

PushEngage is easy to use and get started with, even if you are a beginner or an advanced user. It has some of the best automation options in the market. You can send triggered notifications based on your visitor’s behavior. Also, you can recover lost sales and quickly boost revenue with automatically triggered abandon cart push notifications.

Dynamic Segmentation, A/B Testing and Goal Tracking & Analytics are other key features of PushEngage. PushEngage also supports segmentation and personalization – it lets you personalize push notifications based on your subscribers’ details, location, behavior, and interests.

2- Pushassist: PushAssist is another user-friendly push notification service available. Since it’s so easy to set up, you can start sending out notifications in minutes after signing up.

PushAssist supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Using PushAssist, you can send personalized, real-time, compelling messages based on user interest zones. With “Scheduling” feature, you can schedule push campaigns for a specific date and time.

PushAssist offers support for real-time tracking, which helps you to determine the success of your campaigns. You can monitor the behavior of your users receiving push notifications and checkout their actions in real-time.

3- VWO Engage (Formerly Pushcrew): PushCrew was a web push notification platform which evolved into a new and more powerful tool called VWO Engage. (VWO Engage is a part of the VWO Platform, which helps you discover conversion leaks, understand visitor behavior, conduct surveys, run experiments, log your learnings, and engage with visitors.) VWO Engage is a push technology platform for customer engagement with support for a variety of situations.

With VWO Engage, you can send targeted push notifications by segmenting your audience. Segmentation can be based on page visits, element clicked, subscriber properties and geolocation. According to their website, VWO Engage customers have seen up to 60% higher click rates with targeted push notifications.

VWO Engage also offers hyper-personalized push notifications. Making your push notifications more personal, can drive higher clicks and conversions. You can also add big images, emojis, and engaging CTAs to your push notifications. With these rich push notifications, you can entice your subscribers, and dramatically increase CTR.

4- Foxpush: FoxPush introduces itself as “rapidly growing technology firm on a mission to make push notification technology accessible to all website owners”. It is one of the most popular web push notification services with more than 3.5 million users. It also guarantees an average CTR of 20%.

FoxPush offers simple and fast setup – it is possible to set up FoxPush in just less than 3 minutes. It supports all major browsers, HTTP & HTTPS and multi languages.

FoxPush provides key features like geo-targeting, live tracking, emoji-support, displaying large images, device targeting and push notification scheduling.

5- Herogi: We couldn’t help but add our own product to the list: Herogi. Herogi is a cloud based, complex event processing tool (CEP). Basically, it maintains a complex custom-built event processing engine that enables brands to easily run very specific user journeys and automations. With Herogi you can build complex customer journeys with fast moving data.

One of the most important features of Herogi is, it supports complex scenarios. It maintains custom built complex event processing engine which enable brands to run very custom user journeys, automations with ease.

Herogi is an “all in one” customer engagement solution for your brand that also includes web push notifications. You can increase conversions and revenue with Herogi’s easy-to-use web push solution. For example, you can easily create an abandoned cart web push campaign to remind customers of their abandoned items and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Herogi’s web push solution key features include:

  • Rich notification: You can send rich media notifications – which will grab the user’s attention and make them click – with images, icons, and call to action buttons. The great thing is that emojis are also supported 😊
  • Scheduling: You can schedule web push campaigns for a specific date and time in advance.
  • Segmentation: You can segment your audience into groups based on different criteria, such as user attributes, notification preferences, and real-time behavior. Segmentation helps sending more targeted notifications based on users’ actions.
  • Rule based triggering logic: Based on set rules, you can detect your visitor’s behavior to send automated web push notifications to the right person at the right time.
  • Click tracking: You can monitor the behavior of your users receiving web push notifications. You can analyze which notifications that resonate with people and get the more clicks.

Herogi offers a seamless integration process, once integrated, it provides a user-friendly interface for users. Herogi also offers a library of pre-built event templates and best practices that businesses can leverage. It enables businesses to automate actions and responses based on specific events. As a plus, it provides real-time insights and reports.

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