Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

As a SaaS based complex event processing tool, It’s good to give a brief description about it. So you can have better undestanding about it and how it will help you to grow your online business and increase your profits.


Event processing is an approach to understand, track, analyze data streams that happening as an event.
CEP is also an event processing but it is different because of the ability of combining different event datas from multiple sources. CEP has three steps; receiving inputs from different sources for any event, tracking and analyzing such as filtering, aggregating that event data and taking actions as a result. Events can be anything like signing in for a user, buying a product from internet, sharing a post on social media and etc.


Let’s talk about these three processes with a scenario example like giving gift vouchers to customer. Think a shopping website that gives gift vouchers to its customers every month if the customer’s total shopping amount greater than 200$ or customer’s comments is upvoted more than 5 times for the previous month.
Our first step is receiving inputs for the scenario, giving gift voucher. We need customers’ shopping amounts and comments upvoted. When customer buys a product or customer’s any comment is upvoted then CEP tool will collect input datas like customer info, shopping amount, upvoted comments as events in our scenario.
Second steps is tracking and analyzing data. After receiving inputs, shopping amount and upvote count of comments is stored on the system for that customer.
And third and last step is taking an action. After finishing a month, CEP tool decides which gift vouchers are given to customers according to aggregation of stored shopping amounts, upvotes and then maybe sends a mail to customers about their gifts.

This is a simple example but we only want to show what a complex event processing tool does simply.

With Herogi, you can create more and more complex scenarios to engage your customers and increase your profits. You can contact with us so we can help you to grow your business by advanced event processing solutions. For more use cases you can check here.

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