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Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas: Boost Sales & Traffic

In our latest posts, we listed the important days that should be included in your marketing calendar in 2023 and starting to give you marketing strategy suggestions starting with Black Friday. Now it’s time to talk about Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and it will be 27th of November this year. Cyber Monday is all about a 24-hour shopping window with online discounts and some more great deals. The National Retail Federation (NRF) created Cyber Monday in 2005 with the intention of promoting online retail and it became a major online shopping event. In the last 12 years, spending on Cyber Monday has increased from 484 million to 3.36 billion.

With Christmas around the corner, your business can take full advantage of the shopping rush on Cyber Monday.

Here are 5 marketing strategies to try for Cyber Monday to boost sales:

1- Create A Cyber Monday Landing Page: Don’t expect for your site visitors to find your special deals on their own – with so many Cyber Monday offers to choose from, customers don’t want to waste time digging through your website to find out what’s on sale. By creating a dedicated landing page for your Cyber Monday offers, you can make your customers buyer’s journey easier and seamless.

Make a landing page with all your Cyber Monday offers, keep the page simple, clean, and uncluttered. Don’t forget to add relevant CTA’s (calls to action). Considering people nowadays mostly shopping via their cellphones, be sure to your landing page is optimized for mobile.

2- Build an Email Campaign: Email Marketing is an effective way to advertise Cyber Monday to keep customers informed about promotions. You should start early, sending emails one or two weeks before Cyber Monday is a good time to announce deals. This will not only inform customers about deals and discounts, but it also builds anticipation for all the Cyber Monday promotions you have.

All the emails should have personalized with eye-catching subject lines that grab your audience’s attention. It’s also important to have a series of abandoned cart emails to remind customers of the products in their shopping cart. Plus, you can create exclusive offers for your email subscribers to boost sales and increase the number of email subscribers too.

3- Sell Your Products in Bundles: Bundling products is an effective marketing strategy you can try for Cyber Monday. It’s one of the best ways to get the attention of customers who are looking for special deals. Selling products in bundles boosts sales, increases revenue, and improves your customer’s average order value.

You can try different ideas: you can create “Buy-More-Pay-Less” bundles, you can combine low-selling items with trending ones, you can offer special bundle deals and discounts to your customers, or you can bundle similar items that may interest the same customer.

4- Implement A Countdown Clock: When it comes to online shopping, creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful tool to get customers to buy. By adding a countdown clock/timer to your landing page or in your emails leading up to Cyber Monday, you can encourage your customers for shopping. This will let people know that they must act fast to get the best deals. You can also use timers is to create urgency with shipping. You can offer free shipping for Cyber Monday orders, but only if they’re placed within a specific time frame. This will definitely encourage people to buy sooner.

5- Run social media campaigns: In today’s society everyone using at least one or more social media platforms. If run right, social media can be an excellent way to get people talking about your brand. You can use social media platforms to promote your products and services effectively. You can inform your followers about your Cyber Monday discounts and deals with social media posts, quickly and easily.

For social media posts, you should use dedicated hashtags, and keywords to reach new audience. Plus, you can use social media ads which are a very powerful way to retarget your site users and loyal customers.

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